Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What 30 days of eating clean REALLY looks like.......

So about 35 days ago I decided to challenge myself to eat "clean" for 30 days. Actually I have wanted to for a long time but between the chaos of being a new homeschool mom, still nursing a baby and the multiple upcoming birthdays for my kids I had just put it off. I finally was able to make it happen.

I have been a life long "dieter", a lifetime Weight Watcher so I was prepared for some sacrifice. No problem. All I had to do was'
-Avoid sugar (coffee creamer)
-Avoid soda
-Avoid alcohol
-Avoid processed food

Easy......ok, maybe not. But I was ready.

So here I go, I started on a Sunday (a fresh week). I weighed and measured myself (no before pictures), and I wrote down my goals. I pre-made some clean meals, bought extra protein, veggies and fruits for snacking, made a menu......I was set.

Surprisingly it wasn't hard. The pre-made food made it simple to stay on track, and usually I am so busy I don't eat so I was feeling pretty on top of it since not only was I eating well but I was actually EATING.

I told a few people, not many because I am typically not fond of opinions......but since I was eating clean through parties, holidays (Thanksgiving) and other events, I ended up having to explain myself. Weird I know....

Here is what I wasn't prepared for:

People had actual opinions.....about what I was not eating: "It's not like you actually NEED to lose weight", "Why would you deprive yourself of living a little?"

Well, what if I said it wasn't about weight loss?
What if I said I was just doing it to;
1) see if I could do it,
2) see what the results would be if I had just enough self control to pull it off,
3) get my body into really healthy post baby shape

Sounds crazy I know, but its true!

People made it about themselves: "I could never give up coffee!", "I don't care enough to diet, I guess I'm ok being fat", or they make excuses for what they are eating while sitting next to me.

Why is there the stigma that if someone makes healthy choices, they are secretly judging everyone around them for not doing the same? I am fine with anyone around me making their own choices. I seriously don't expect anyone to change their habits because of my personal challenge, anymore than I expect someone to run a marathon with me because I decided I wanted to do it.

Week 1: Flew by. I ate well, I didn't miss a meal, ran 10-15 miles/ week with lots of was great!

Week 2: I was still motivated, I was detoxed from sugar, still running, still lots of energy and felt great!

Week 3: I had a lot of leftovers because I reverted back to not eating on busy days. Still fine with no sugar, but I just didn't have the motivation to make more meals. But I was losing some weight and my pants were my motivation became seeing results.

Week 4 (last week): I feel like was the hardest. The newness was gone, no pre-made meals to eat, super busy gearing up for Christmas. I feel like I squeaked by! I still ran, I was really hungry, I wanted to eat!!!
But I did it, I let others encourage me and I finished strong. I was really proud of myself!

So what did I accomplish? 
1. I set an example to my children of goals, self control, discipline, health and accomplishment
2. I proved to myself that I can do it if I try
3. Physical results

Starting weight: 156.5
Ending weight: 151
5.5 lbs weight loss in 30 days and I lost 2 inches in my hips and waist
I am still on my quest for size 8
I am a modest person so this is a vulnerable pic......
I just wanted to share hopefully some inspiration.
Mother of 4, 1 year post baby

No shakes
No pills
No special workout

Self control
Smart choices
Staying active
Pushing myself past comfort 

What worked for me:
Menus, pre-made food, writing down goals, writing down exercise

What didn't work for me:
No prep, negative self talk

For some of the recipes I used, including clean PB Chocolate cups, check out my Clean Eating Pinterest board

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