Friday, January 1, 2016

I was a broke single mom when I met him........

I was a broke single mom when I met him........I had very little to offer. I was damaged goods, healing from the brokenness of an abusive marriage. I had no money, a toddler, two jobs and way too much emotional baggage.

I objected to the idea of a relationship. What could he offer that everyone else had promised to and failed?

When Steve and I met we were two broken people. He had been hurt badly and so had I. We both desperately needed to be understood, respected and loved. Little did we know that on that night, on that blind date, we would find our life mate.

After that awkward first year we made mistakes, I stumbled and hurt his feelings a few times as I came to terms with how good a man could really be. A man that God sent me to show me how it was supposed to be. We soon got married and began our journey.

As we built our family one building block at a time we had our struggles. Sometimes it felt like we had too many struggles. How would we ever make it through? How would we make it through the financial hardships? How would we ever get past it all?

God. God's hands were constantly at work........the blessings we experienced in both small and large ways were so obvious. How could we deny them to chance or luck? God allowed us to learn tough lessons in our finances but was always faithful. God allowed us to learn tough lessons through friendships but was always faithful. God allowed us to endure some hard lessons in our relationship and we almost let go, but he held us together until we were strong enough to grasp it back on our own.

Here we are today celebrating 11 years of marriage with four young men to raise. We are not perfect, we are not rich, we still have so many years ahead of us to get more things wrong, learn more lessons and experience more blessings.

I do not take for granted for a single day this gift that I have. My husband is as solid as they come. He loves the Lord, adores his wife and teaches his children how to live. He supports my decisions and helps me follow my dreams, he makes me want to be a better mother and wife.

Last year for our 10 year anniversary Steve bought me this anniversary band and we renewed our wedding vows in a church. We couldn't find a ring with 10 stones so he bought me one with 11 stones and joked that it was under the pretense that I would stick around one more year. The truth is, I would stick by his side without a single diamond, without a single other thing but just his love and support. I know I am blessed beyond measure.

Some people say I earned this after the tough marriage I endured the first go round, but I know that I didn't earn a single thing. This family that I have is a blessing and a gift that I must never become complacent or feel entitled.

Happy Anniversary Steven Roybal! Here's to many more!

For I have found the one whom my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4

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