Tuesday, July 28, 2015


3 years ago I quit my job to stay home with my children
after 20 years of working outside the home my career drastically changed
taking care of tiny humans is not the toughest job
but it is tough
some days more than others
but on those tough days I remember what my dad always taught me 
find perspective in my life
what has meaning? 
where is that meaning?
how can I use this to leverage the situation to move myself forward? 
not just move forward, but enjoy every meaningful moment
thank you dad
because of you........

I will not complain about the screaming
because one day my halls will be baron
the rooms will be silent
and I will miss the shriek of a toddler and the laughter of my young ones

I will not long for uninterrupted sleep
because one day I will lie awake
wondering what my children are doing
or if they are home safe in their own beds

I will not wish for a sparkling clean house
because one day I will find small tokens
of children grown, a rattle, a sock, a long lost lego
and I will treasure memories of messy floors in a home well lived in

I will not cry over broken dishes
because one day those cracks and chips
will become fond memories that will bring a smile to my face

I will not worry on long busy days that leave me exhausted
because one day I will be bored and take up hobbies to fill my time
while I fondly remember those days of long "to-do" lists
and days that 12 hours was just not enough

I will not commiserate during long sporting events 
standing in the hot hot sun, carrying a baby on my back
with sunburned shoulders and achy feet
because one day I will only have photos for those moments

I will not shoo my children off my lap
or out of my kitchen
or out of my bed during morning snuggles
because one day my lap will be too brittle to hold them
my kitchen will only hold food for two
and my bed will seem too big for just my husband and me

I will not beat myself up over a missed run or workout
or let my body image warp because I enjoyed a piece of birthday cake
because my kids will remember that I was healthy
and balanced
and fun
and lived in the moment

I will live for today
I will savor each loud, interrupted, messy, broken, exhausting, hot, long day
because someday
my boys will look back and from their perspective say
"Thanks Mom" 
and I will know that every minute counted
whether I can see it right now or not

This is my youngest son Cooper. Most days he is a hot mess. He came into this world screaming and 20 months later, he hasn't found a reason to stop. He challenges me every day to be a better mother. 

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